José Nogueira and Sara Braun

Main characters of the palace history

In 1887, José Nogueira marries Sara Braun, the eldest daughter of Elias Braun, his friend and partner. Their marriage lasted only six years, linking two of greatest fortunes in the region.

By the year 1890, Jose Nogueira had become one of the most prosperous and significant entrepreneurs in the Magallanes colony. He was a trader, ship owner, and rancher, making a substantial contribution to the economic and social development of the city.

Sara Braun came from her native Russia into the southern lands by the year 1874.  When Nogueira died of tuberculosis in 1893, Sara inherits and manage a large wealth, using part of it in the construction of her home.

Sara Braun chose the French architect Numa Mayer to design her future home, drawing the plans according to the taste and canons that prevail in Paris during the late nineteenth century. The palace exuberance contrasted with the simple housing style in the area at the time.

When Sara Braun died in 1955, the mansion was given to her nephews, which sold most of the furniture. The following year it was purchase by the “Club de la Union” (Union Club).

In 1982 it was declared national monument, since then the main characteristics of the building can´t be modified.

Over time, Sara Braun Palace has become for many, the most characteristic building in Punta Arenas, highlighted by its beautiful setting in front of the Plaza Muñoz Gamero, and surrounded by other national monument buildings.

In 1992, part of the building became the Hotel José Nogueira, housing it until the present day.


The building has a neoclassical style with generous details in the ornamentation. The two story mansion was built in brick masonry, over stone foundations. A wooden structure supports the ceiling, covered with a galvanized iron roof with a scales texture. Materials, furniture and decorations were brought from Europe.

On the first floor it was found the music hall, the golden room, dining room and billiards room, while on the second floor the bedrooms and library were found.

The building’s front has a porch with columns that stand on to the second floor, generating a bounded terrace with a balusters surrounding. By the west, the construction has attached a winter garden set on a metal structure. By the east, a large boinder extends the spacious music hall into the surrounding park. The four corners of the roof are holding skirts, topped by mansard windows with profuse ornamentation. Inside the building part of the original refined decoration is preserve.

After its acquisition, the building was carefully preserved in structure and atmosphere, keeping the spirit of the former owners. Members of the royal families of Spain and England, have provided a toast while staying at the hotel, as a tribute to the pioneers of the European colonization.

This building was always part of the social and cultural life of Punta Arenas, as a part of the Nogueira Braun family spirit. In the use of the palace as a restaurant, bar and hotel, the memory of the former owners is kept alive.


Thanks to its commercial, cultural and social development, Punta Arenas has succeeded in making itself known throughout the country, and as it counts with a tax free zone, allowing visitors of the city to purchase imported products with lower taxes, making Punta Arenas an ideal place to go shopping, finding some excellent opportunities.

Getting into Punta Arenas from Santiago it’s possible by air, flying with Lan and Sky Airlines, from Argentina by land, crossing the international path of Monte Aymond and San Sebastian, and from Puerto Montt and Puerto Williams by sea, taking a ferry.

The city can be visited all year round. During wintertime the ski season is open at the Club Andino ski center, and during spring and summer, the visits to the penguin colonies of Magellanic penguin in Isla Magdalena and Otway Sound are available, also all year round is possible to visit the small colony of beautiful King Penguin, find at Tierra del Fuego. Apart from this, inside the tax free commercial center there´s an indoor ice skating rink, open all year round, as well as the rich Patagonian cuisine waiting to be enjoyed, (traditional Patagonian lamb barbecues, king crab, in between other traditional dishes). Even for those who want to visit the Torres del Paine National Park, staying one or two nights is highly recommended in order to explore the charms of the city.


Hotel José Nogueira has all the necessary services to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Enjoy maximum comfort for a perfect  rest in one of the southernmost cities in the country.

Food & Beverage: Breaksfast included. The Endurance Restaurante and Shackleton Bar open from monday to saturday from 11 am to 12 am and on sunday until 10 pm.

Rooms: Safe, minibar, room service, cable TV, electromagnetic lock, hairdryer, heating control.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi in all the property.

Common areas: Parking area, living room, laundry, and meeting room.