Antarctica is an ecological wonder that has bewitched explorers, scientists and voyagers alike for two centuries.

This fascinating territory contains more than 90% of the earth’s land ice, which transforms it into the largest fresh water reserve on earth. Among the main species that make up marine Antarctic fauna are whales, seals, penguins as well as a variety of sea birds.

Your adventure to the seventh continent will allow you to meet these incredible creatures while enjoying the indelible scenery of mountainous glaciers and roaming icebergs.

Antarctica’s matchless beauty and extreme climate conditions make this one of the most exotic destinations in the world.

Antarctica is a continent surrounded by oceans. Reaching the continent requires either sailing across the ocean or flying over it. The body of water between South America and the Antarctic Peninsula, the infamous Drake Passage, is known for its sea sickness-inducing violent storms. By choosing to fly over those stormy waters you choose the comfortable option.

Crossing from South America to Antarctica by ship takes two days, while ANTARCTICA XXI’s flight takes only 2 hours. You can use the precious time you save to explore more of South America. For example, Torres del Paine National Park is located near Punta Arenas. A visit to the park combines beautifully with our Antarctic Air-Cruises.