Torres del Paine National Park is one of the largest and most important parks in the country. It is located 112 km. north of Puerto Natales and 312 km. from Punta Arenas. It is one of the eleven protected areas in the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica (along with other four national parks, three national reserves and three national monuments). It presents a variety of natural environments: mountains (among which the complex of Cerro Paine, whose main summit reaches 3050 meters, Torres del Paine and the horns), valleys, rivers (as the Paine river), lakes (the most remarkable are the Grey, Pehoé, Toro, Nordenskjold and Sarmiento), glaciers (Grey, Pingo, Tyndall and Geikie, belonging to the Southern Patagonian Ice Field).

In addition to the Torres del Paine formation, the Horns are also part of the massif of the same name. In a special edition of National Geographic, Torres del Paine was chosen as the fifth most beautiful place in the world. The park was also selected as the eighth wonder of the world in 2013, after receiving more than five million votes in the contest that made the site, Virtual Tourist.

The Park has got accommodations, camping sites, sailings and food & beverage services. It is accessible by a 250 km. paved road, between Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales, then another 150 km. along the 9 north route. Or by the Y-290 road, known as Lago Porteño, an 80 km. route that connects Puerto Natales with the Park.