The Pali-Aike National Park is a protected area in Magallanes covering the Chilean side of the Pali Aike volcanic field. It is visited mainly by volcanologists, geophysicists, archaeologists and by those who like trekking or want to explore its heights. One of its main attractions is a large area that covers most of the park with basaltic lava, establishing its geological characteristics and the life that has developed.

Highlighted by the protection of wildlife species like the guanaco, gray fox, patagonian skunk and puma. Among the birds, the caracara, kestrel and queltehue, and in between the flora species some shrubs like murtilla, rosemary, mata gris, mata negra and calafate.

It´s located 196 kilometers northeast of Punta Arenas. It can be accessed by the CH-255 international road, driving 28 km from Punta Delgada village. The main road has 168 km. of concrete and 28 km. of gravel.