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27 de diciembre de 2018

Our contribution towards the protection of our environment

We have renewed our system of heating and water heating, by new boilers with natural gas that work with condensation technology, these equipments have yields 15% higher than thetraditional boilers, like those that were installed. Additionally, the thermotanks were replaced by a system of accumulators with integrated heat exchanger that work together with the boilers. The increase in efficiency of the new system of generation of sanitary hot water increased from 70% to 105%, then increase by 50%. The introduction of these new technologies  is expected to reduce the green house emissions of the hotel by 20 to 25% thanks to the best efficiency of the equipment. 

The introduction of more efficient technologies in the central heating systems and the generation of sanitary hot waterthrough, the incorporation of condensing boilers and inter-accumulators for the generation of ACS in the hotel, seeks to be up to date with the new technologies with the main purpose of protecting the environment, but still in a pristine region like ours. The installation of this system in Punta Arenas is the first one of which is registered in the city according to the known information. The installation of high-power wall-mounted condensing boilers is a step forward in the care of energy resources and the reduction of environmental pollution, which encompasses the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in the industry at Magallanes hotels, which is the heating and generation of ACS, this given the adverse climatic conditions of the area. 


Our contribution towards the protection of our environment
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