This mount is known for the ascension done by Charles Darwin, father of the evolution theory who explored these lands in 1834, aboard the HMS Beagle (captained by Robert FitzRoy) and followed by the HMS Adventure. This was already the second trip done by these boats into the southern lands. In May of that year, Darwin explored the Strait of Magellan for 20 days; the ship anchored in “Puerto del Hambre” and the explorers ascended Mount Tarn (located about 18 kilometers south-west) “… The jungle was so thick that we had to consult the compass all the time…”. After this, Darwin continued his journey towards the center of the country.

To be Reached, it’s necessary a 4×4 vehicle and drive along the Strait of Magellan until the end of the road, from this point a hike by the side of the sea shore is needed before heading uphill through the forests of Canelos, Ñirres and other native species. After this 4 hours hike, the summit can be reach with its spectacular views of the Strait of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego. Darwin Mountain Range, and island Dawson, an absolutely unforgettable sight.