The Museum is housed in the Braun Menendez family palace. Inside of it, you can visit the collections of furniture and objects of Magellan´s golden age, having a historic exhibition and temporary exhibitions.

The Museum’s history goes back to 1969, when the Museum of Patagonia was created, thanks to the visionary administration of the National Director of the Dibam, Roque Esteban Scarpa, academic and writer of Punta Arenas, who received the National Literature Award in 1980. In its genesis, the Museum gathered important archaeological and natural science collections. Later, when the Braun Menendez Palace was donated to the Dibam, it was decided to move the collection of the Patagonian Museum into the Brauns´ palace, renamed as Magallanes Regional Museum.

When the relocation of the Patagonian Museum collections were placed in the mansion, a greater challenge appear to by consider, creating a museum display that not only expose the vintage collections that are housed in the building, but been able to explains the process of formation of this southern territory. Today the museum houses some important collections of furniture and objects that represent Magallanes golden age, which are exhibited in its original period rooms, as well as a renovated historic exhibition of the human settlement in the southern territory, up to the consolidation of the city. Additionally since 2007, halls for temporary exhibition have been incorporated.