José Nogueira

It is estimated that around the year 1866,  José Nogueira arrived in this remote region of Patagonia.  In those years, it took courage and a lot of enthusiasm to choose these southern lands as a place of residence,  due to their inhospitable climate and immense distance.   However,  this did  not  deter the  young  and adventurous Portuguese sailor. Coming from very humble origins and  lacking formal education, but leveraging his extensive knowledge  of the  seas and his strong determination to secure a  better future,  he initially devoted himself to hunting sea lions, a demanding and dangerous yet highly profitable activity.

By the year 1890,  José Nogueira had become one  of the most  prosperous and significant entrepreneurs in the Magallanes colony. He was a trader, ship owner, and  rancher,  making  a  substantial  contribution  to the economic and  social development of the city.

Sara Braun

In 1893, after the death of the  pioneer in Arequipa, Sara Braun took control of  her   husband    businesses,   sheep    farming,   commerce,   shipping   and   industrial  businesses.    This is  how  she became the  only  woman  entrepreneur  of  Punta Arenas,  consolidating the  grant of   1,300,000 hectares obtain by her husband in 1890,  as well as joint venturing  with other entrepreneurs as Peter H. McClellan, a wealthy English businessman, her brother Mauricio Braun, Jose Menendez, Elijah H. Braun, Gustavo A. Oehninger,  Wilms  and  Ramon Guillermo Serrano,  forming  the largest sheep farming company of Patagonia.

This   Business  woman  bought  more  land  in  Chile  and  Argentina  for   sheep farming,  creating   in  1914  the  Sociedad  Anonima  Ganadera  y Comercial  Sara  Braun  (Livestock  and Commercial Sara Braun Company).

She made significant charity donations throughout her life to institutions like the Sociedad de Dolores and La Gota de Leche, the Catholic Women League, the Red Cross,  and  the  Orphanage  of  Punta Arenas.  She also donated the  entrance of Punta Arenas  cemetery  and  the land for several schools.  She  also  collaborated with  organizations of  Valparaiso and Viña del Mar,  where after 1930  she moved, finding a more favorable climate for her health. There she died in 1955 at age of 92.

Over time, the Sara Braun  Palace has become the most iconic building in Punta Arenas for many.   It  stands out  not  only for  its stunning surroundings,   which  include  Muñoz Gamero Square and the  surrounding buildings  (also  declared national monuments and part of the typical area), but also for its historical significance.

This is why Hotel José Nogueira is a unique establishment, housed in a National Heritage building that has many stories to tell about prominent figures in the history of Patagonia and Chilean Antarctica.


In the latest renovation in 2023, we renovated our guest rooms and also the event spaces with the assistance of restorers from Santiago who breathed new life into the boiserie of our Endurance Restaurant and Wild Salon. In the pergola, the palace’s winter garden, the raised floor that had been installed by the Club de la Unión in the 1960s to convert the space into a dining area (which had served as our hotel’s restaurant for over 30 years) was removed for repairs. Underneath, the original tiled floor of the palace’s winter garden was discovered. This discovery led to the restoration of this treasure, and the decision was made to relocate our bar to this space, which would no longer serve as a restaurant but would perfectly fit the concept of adventure and bar experience that has characterized our Shackleton bar.

Our intention is for our guests to learn, appreciate, and enjoy each of these stories during their stay at our hotel. To achieve this, we invite you to participate in the following activities:



Museo Palacio Sara Braun

Hotel guests have free access to the museum during its opening hours, which are from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 AM to 12:45 PM and from 3:30 PM to 7 PM. On Mondays, the museum is open only in the morning.

Instagrammable Space

Capture a moment in our Instagrammable space at the Shackleton Restaurant and Bar. Take a photo in front of the mural of the Endurance, the ship from Shackleton's expedition, which catapulted him to be one of the greatest explorers of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. In 1914, he might not have achieved his dream of crossing Antarctica, but he accomplished the even more remarkable feat of survival.

Regional Books

Purchase some of the most iconic regional books at the reception, including the history of José Nogueira and the book about the Sara Braun Palace, among others.


Our 6 Suites are dedicated to some of José Nogueira's vessels and his first foray into ranching at Estancia Pecket Harbour.

Shackleton Salons

The salons at our Shackleton Restaurant and Bar are dedicated to the principal companions of Shackleton's expeditions.

Yagan Basketry

We have incorporated Yagan basketry items in our breakfast and for sale. This ancient knowledge and practice form part of a cultural revitalization process and material and immaterial expression of Yagan identity today. Yagan basketry is recognized as craftsmanship and encompasses both traditional designs and innovations. It is considered a practice that catalyzes traditions, oral expressions, and social uses of the territory.

La Pérgola

Enhancement of the original land of La Pérgola.