Fuerte Bulnes y Puerto del Hambre

Fort Bulnes was a Chilean Fort located along the Strait of Magellan, 62 kilometers south of Punta Arenas and just a few kilometers from Cape Froward. It was founded in October 30, 1843 on the rocky hill of Santa Ana, by command of the President Manuel Bulnes Prieto. The president ordered the expedition that officially took possession of the Strait of Magellan on behalf of Chile, an important landmark since numerous foreign scientific expeditions were watching the area with great interest.

In search for better conditions, five years later the fort was moved further north, where Punta Arenas is located now a day.

Today in the place, there is a reconstruction of the original fort, preserving the spirit of the first inhabitants of this southern region. This is a highly visited tourism attraction, that is very closed to the San Juan River which has an excellent place to fish and .

Inside this reconstructed fort it’s possible to visit the church, prison, chaplain’s room, water wells, arsenal, mail room and stables that belonged to the first Chilean garrison in 1843. During the tour, the wildlife presence is diverse. Birds such as carancho, a small eaglet or bird of prey, the loica with its red chest, thrush, birds present in almost all of Chile.

Only 2 km away, Puerto del Hambre is where in March of 1584 the “Rey Jorge” city was founded. This Spanish attempt of colonization had a tragic end, their inhabitants died starve cause of the lack of food. Years later, the English corsair Thomas Cavendish arrived in the area and found only the remains of the colony, renaming the place as “Port Famine” which in Spanish means Hunger, keeping this name until the present day.