Enjoy the privilege of sailing through the Strait of Magellan in search of the sea giants, humpback whales, known for their love for pirouettes and a complex sounds language.

It was known that whales migrate across the Pacific, from the warm waters of Central America where they reproduce, to the cold Antarctic waters where every summer they feed themselves. A group of Chilean scientists have discovered that several whales have chosen the waters of Carlos III Island for this purpose. Migrating all together from the Ecuador, a large group of whales have chosen to stay in the Strait of Magellan for a reason still unknown, meanwhile the rest continue with their journey into Antarctica, making this area the only area in the southern hemisphere where humpback whales feed outside the white continent.

Over a 100 humpback whales have been register in this area, which are fairly easy to be seen, usually in groups, but still the chances of sightings depends on them. They might want to wait until the last minute of your stay to jump and lift their huge bodies, 17 meters long and 40 tonnes, leaving everyone stunned with their show, or just swim calmly and breathing just a few meters from your boat.

In 2003 this place was declared as the first marine protected area of the country, been named as Francisco Coloane Marine Park. On the island there is an ecological camp with domes and all the basic implementation for tourists, beside this, a research center and an observatory are working in the area.